Essl Art Award CEE – „On tour“

What is happening at art universities? Which social, socio-political and economic issues are of concern to young artists? Are ecological aspects and the gender debate important elements? What will the significance of figurative painting be in the coming years? Do young artists tend to focus on a particular medium?

Silvia Köpf and Johanna Langfelder from the Essl Museum will find out, when the Essl Art Award CEE 2011 starts next Monday in Bratislava.


Sujet Essl Art Award CEE with a work by Jakub Nepraš (Babylon Plant (Detail), 2006, Essl Private Collection, Foto © the artist), a winner of the Essl Art Award 2007

Sujet Essl Art Award CEE with a work by Jakub Nepraš (Babylon Plant (Detail), 2006, Essl Private Collection, Foto © the artist), a winner of the Essl Art Award 2007

My colleague Johanna Langfelder and I are currently busy with the last preparations for the opening nights of the Nominees’ Exhibitions of the Essl Art Award. Since the beginning of 2011 we have been in touch with 70 artists from 7 countries, which means a lot of work, questions and especially a lot of e-mail correspondence. Therefore, we are excited to finally see the artworks in the original and to meet all the artists personally.

Next week we are starting our journey by bus to visit the first stops on our itinerary, Bratislava, Zagreb, Budapest and Ljubljana, together with Agnes Essl and all the jury members.

Although we are convinced that everything is planned perfectly and we are quite familiar with the artworks which include all types of media, we are sure that there will be some surprises. Maybe the jury members already have their favourites in mind, but who will actually be chosen as winner of the ESSL ART AWARD at the jury session on site? Maybe some artworks can reveal their full potential only when seen in the original?

We are looking forward to the first round of openings in Bratislava, Budapest, Zagreb and Ljubljana. Of course we would like to let you participate in these events and we will frequently inform you about all the news directly from the venues. Here and on facebook you will be informed of all the winners of the ESSL ART AWARD and we will provide pictures from the road.

Information: Essl Art Award CEE 2011 Folder (english)

Where you can meet us and see young art from Central Eastern Europe:


Galéria MEDIUM | Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18., Bratislava 1
Exhibition: 09 May – 29 May 2011
Artists: Dávid Demjanovič, Mira Gáberová, Magdaléna Kuchtová, Daniela Krajčová, Stano Masár, Erika Miklóšová, Ivana Osuská, Csilla Poláková, Ludmila Pohlová, Milan Vagač


Centralis Galeria/OSA Archivum | Arany János utca 32,Budapest 1051
Exhibition: 10 May  – 22 May 2011
Artists: Anikó Basa, Emőke Bada, Ervin Békési, Anett Hámori, Patrícia Jagicza, Dorottya Kanics, János Kujbus, Lajos Sárai, Annamária Szentpétery, Ádám Ulbert


Muzej Suvremene UmjetnostiZagreb(MSU) | Avenija Dubrovnik 17, 10000 Zagreb
Exhibition: 12 May – 31 May 2011
Artists: Beata Jarzyna, Ana Kuzmanić, Stjepan Milas, SabinaMikelić, Martin Mrzljak, Pavle Pavlović, David Ranogajec, Igor Ruf, Irena Topić, Borko Vukosav


Moderna galerijaLjubljana/MuseumofModern Art| Tomšičeva 14, 1000 Ljubljana
Exhibition: 13 May – 5. June 2011
Artists: Maja Alibegović, Manca Bajec, Suzana Brborović, Urška Djukić, Tina Dobrajc, Nejc Prah, Pila Rusjan, Maja Rožman, Miha Šubic, Manja Vadla


 Supporting Art in Seven Countries of Central and Southeast Europe

The ESSL ART AWARD CEE (powered by bauMax and VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP) showcases the latest tendencies of young contemporary art in Bulgaria, Croatia, the CzechRepublic, Hungary,Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Established by the Austrian art collectors Agnes and Karlheinz Essl and conferred in close co-operation with experts, museums and art academies, this award promotes young talents in the countries in which the family business bauMax has an active presence. The award reflects the commitment of the Essl family to the support of young art and provides a significant stimulus to the European cultural sphere. Initiated in 2005, the award is bestowed for the fourth time in 2011, for the first time also including Bulgarian artists.

Nominees’ Exhibitions in Seven European Capitals

From more than 400 entries by art students, a jury composed of experts from all participating countries short-lists ten nominees per countries. Their work will be exhibited in a Nominees’ Exhibition in each of the seven capitals in May (Bratislava, Budapest, Zagreb, Ljubljana) and June (Prague, Bucharest, Sofia) 2011. Two artists in each country will receive the ESSL ART AWARD CEE, one of them will also benefit from a Special Invitation from the Vienna Insurance Group.

Winners’ Exhibition at the ESSL MUSEUM

Each of the 14 winners of the ESSL ART AWARD CEE take part in the >ESSL ART AWARD Exhibition< held at the Essl Museum from 02 Dec 2011 until 12 Feb 2012. Within the context of the Nominees’ Night the Vienna Insurance Group will issue a Special Invitation to one of the winners from each country and showcase their work in an exhibition at the Ringturm building inVienna.

About the Exhibition: Essl Art Award, 2011 

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