Essl Art Award CEE – Winners Czech Republic

The second week of the Essl Art Award CEEs’ Nominees Nights started yesterday in Prague at the ghmp – City Gallery Prague. The Nominees exhibition at the ghmp (Staroměstské náměstí 1, 110 00 Praha 1, Old Town Square 1), in the heart of Prague, lasts until 26 June, 2011.

Before the opening of the exhibition at 7 p.m., the jury had to choose two positions out of the following 10 nominated artists: Josef Bareš, Jan Brož, Petr Dub, Svetlana Fialová, Friederike Höppner, Martina Holá, Edita Pattová, Erik Sikora, Roman Štětina and Viktor Valášek.

After vivid discussions, the jury decided upon two winners: Josef Bareš and Roman Štětina. Josef Bareš also received the Special Invitation of the Vienna Insurance Group. Today, Agnes Essl has decided that she will also give a collector’s invitation to Martina Holá.

At the well frequented opening, the artists as well as the jury celebrated the Essl Art Award CEE.

Find below more information about the winners and the artworks.

Josef Bareš

Josef Bareš - Viewpoint Series (Still 2) (c) Foto: courtesy the artist

Artist Statement

“My core areas of interest lie in the area of language (in its broadest sense) and systems of signs. I use different ‘vehicles’ to visually convey the processes taking place in signification/communication and what this processes mean for our understanding of what we see. I am visually recreating the process of meaning creation in our perception of architecture and urban landscape. Architecture is universal in its ‘nature’, yet it is highly culturally different – features which it shares with language.”



Roman Štětina

Roman Štětina  - Nokturno-Nokturne (Still 3) (c) foto courtesy the artist

Artists statement:


Martina Holá - Kaleidoscope (c) foto the artist


Artist Statement

“In this series of objects I was exploring the hierarchy between a character, a story and an environment, the relationships they form with each other and how they influence each other. I tried to minimalize the story. My original aim was to create an environment characteristic enough so that it wouldn‘t be necessary to put any character, or characters connected by a story or a dialogue, in it. For me, the landscape was a space to outline this exploration.”                                                       About the exhibition: Essl Art Award, 2011

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